Hey! That's right! It's time for our So Cal Pacers 2018 Annual Awards Banquet! Come join us for a fun-filled night of celebrating our SCP Award Winners - great food, great company, great times... what more could you ask for?! So, save the date ~ Friday, May 4, 2018 at 6:30 pm ~ buy your tickets HERE!
Welcome to our 2018 So Cal Pacers merchandise section where SCP club apparel and miscellaneous items can be purchased via orders through our Merchandise Manager, Grace - or our VP, Patrice.  We'll feature different items from time to time.

Inquire with our club officers or Merchandise Manager for any specific questions - it's all about Club spirit! Plus, since we're a non-profit group, we're talkin' bargain basement prices here!


 And now, on to our SCP Featured Merchandise Items:

The So Cal Pacers Jacket with a custom embroidered name on the front, left side of the chest, and featuring the So Cal Pacers logo on the back - starting at only $34, and So Cal Pacers Jackets without custom embroidery, but still featuring our So Cal Pacers logo on the back - starting at only $27!

* NOTE: Jackets are unisex; for women, order 2 sizes smaller, i.e. Women's Large = Small, Women's Medium = X-Small

For 2018, we have two different long sleeve offerings:

The SCP Long Sleeve Shirts by Sport Tek, Women's and Men's for only $14.00 each!


Sport Tek Women's Long Sleeve Pictured Above

NOTE: Women's cut is a V-Neck   (If you wish to order a scalloped collar instead, please order the Men's long sleeve, but get 2-sizes smaller.)



Sport Tek Men's Long Sleeve Pictured Above

Also for 2018, we've added the SCP Long Sleeve Shirts by OGIO!  These are a nicer quality, sporty looking, performance long sleeve that runs true-to-size. Men's and Women's for $22.00 each! Check out the new colors offered!


OGIO Women's Long Sleeve Pictured Above (Note: Designed with thumbhole cuffs in sleeves for warmth!) The SCP logo is printed vertical on the front - not pictured... because our graphics department is on a lunch break.


OGIO Men's Long Sleeve Above (SCP logo is printed vertical on the front. Not pictured... because our graphics department is SO fired!)


The SCP HeadSweats Performance Visor is back!


PLUS! We're also offering SCP Visors by Sport Tek! (Picture not yet available)


Wait, there's more! AND... The return of our Nike Dri-Fit Cap and the addition of the OGIO Performance Cap! Both featuring our embroidered SCP logo!



Thanks for visiting the Club Merchandise section - remember, all merchandise orders will be delivered in person, in-bulk, after completion of group orders.